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Automating Static Performance Tuning

Virtually all computing systems rely in one-way or another on general-purpose hardware and software components. By design, general-purpose components cater to many families of applications. For instance, a web server engine such as NGINX can be used to serve mostly... Read More

Why We Need Automatic System Tuning

The computing world is dominated by general-purpose systems that need to perform well for a wide variety of applications. Take servers as an example: there are 10’s of millions of servers in the world that are running many families of applications, and they are... Read More

Continuous Optimization of Compiler Flags

One of the ways to improve code performance is to compile with the right flags. After all, compiler engineers have invested years and years into making compilers better, and in the process, they’ve added many flags that we can use. However, in order to achieve optimal... Read More

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