Continuous Optimization with Compiler Flag Mining

Concertio integrates into the Continuous Integration pipeline to mine compiler flags for best performance of every release

Typical Continuous Optimization implementation with compiler flag mining

compiler flag mining

How DevOps engineers can benefit from Continuous Optimization:


Maximize binary performance in every release


Incremental Optimization for quick optimization cycles


Completely automated compiler flag mining process


Tailor hundreds of compiler flags with 10^300 possible combinations


Upgrades to new compiler versions made easy

How Continuous Optimization Works:

Using machine-learning technology, Optimizer Studio works to discover the best performing compiler flags for your specific application. It navigates smartly through an enormous parameter space (10^300) to quickly converge to an optimal configuration.

By employing features such as compiler flag refinement, incremental optimization, and others, Optimizer Studio integrates within your CI pipeline to provide Continuous Optimization capability. This means each release always gets the most optimal flags and as a result, the best possible performance.

Typical integration effort for DevOps teams to implement compiler flag mining in the CI pipeline is one day.

Watch Concertio’s Webinar on Continuous Optimization of Compiler Flags



Want to learn how to completely automate the compiler flag mining process? Watch an in-depth session as we show how you can automatically find near-optimal compiler flag combinations for your application out of the 10^300 possible combinations. We will also discuss how to implement Continuous Optimization of compiler flags into your existing Continuous Integration (CI) process, so that every release always gets the best possible performance. All this will be demoed using Optimizer Studio.


You’ll learn:

  • The basics of compiler flag mining
  • Best practices for integrating continuous optimization of compiler flags
  • Perform incremental optimization for quick optimization cycles
  • Demo of automatically optimizing compiler flags


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