High Frequency Trading

Concertio shortens tick-to-trade latencies by tailoring the many settings (in the BIOS, processors, firmware, operating systems, application middleware, applications and compiler flags) to the specific trading workflows of algorithmic traders.

How Algorithmic Traders Benefit:


Reduce tick-to-trade latencies - boost profits!


Stay focused - Focus on perfecting your algorithms and architecture, leaving the grunt work of parameter tuning to an automated tool


Tune simulation scenarios - For example, discover conditions for worst-case trading loss


Smart symbol allocation and selection - Optimize which symbol will be traded and on which device


Tune model and application hyperparameters - In order to improve their accuracy and shorten release cycles

How Optimizer Studio Works:

Using machine-learning technology, Optimizer Studio works to shorten tick-to-trade latencies through the optimization of the myriad of configuration settings employed in high-end trading platforms.

The trading orders leave microseconds earlier because Optimizer Studio works to simultaneously optimize all of the components involved in the tick-to-trade journey: the NIC, the NIC driver, the BIOS, the processor, the firmware, the operating system, and the trading application. By integrating fully automatic optimization, our customers benefit from frequent shortened tick-to-trade latencies.

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