Optimizer Runtime

Optimizer Runtime

Concertio Optimizer Runtime is a dynamic optimization framework for IT professionals aimed at optimizing systems, servers and components automatically and in real-time.

Using AI techniques, Optimizer Runtime works to make applications and systems operate in concert for maximum performance, through the optimization of the myriad of configuration settings employed in these complex systems.

Built for the needs of traditional datacenters and high-performance computing systems (both on-premises and in the cloud), Concertio Optimizer Runtime is an easy-to-integrate performance optimization software that monitors (and learns from) the interactions between applications and systems, to deliver optimal configuration settings for peak performance.

Companies or Datacenters that Implement Optimizer Runtime Can Expect:


Peak application performance


Reduced cloud and datacenter infrastructure bill


Completely automatic and hassle-free optimization process


Industry best-practices for performance optimization


Automatic support for new tunable settings as they are introduced by vendors

How Optimizer Runtime Works

Concertio Optimizer Runtime is an easy-to-use software tool that uses AI techniques to discover near-optimal configuration settings for peak performance, all in real-time. Optimizer Runtime software uses a workload classification engine to detect different phases of execution of a workload while system applications run. Optimizer Runtime then uses reinforcement learning to evaluate and optimize each detected program phase, testing various system configuration settings, and choosing settings that maximize performance. As applications’ needs change over time, Optimizer Runtime adapts and reconfigures systems dynamically. Being able to optimize each execution phase separately from the others, Optimizer Runtime can outperform any preset system configuration discovered by human operators.

Using Concertio Optimizer Runtime

Performance engineers and IT professionals can use Concertio Optimizer Runtime to automatically and dynamically optimize systems more quickly and effectively than with human operators in a variety of use-cases including:

  • Maximizing application performance. Use Optimizer Runtime to automatically discover and apply the most effective system settings for the currently running workload and achieve peak performance.
  • Minimize cloud and datacenter costs. Use Optimizer Runtime to automatically discover system configurations that require fewer resources while still adhering to the required SLA.

Hardware developers and software publishers can use Concertio Optimizer Runtime in a variety of use-cases including:

Maximizing performance of hardware and software products
Embed Optimizer Runtime in products to automatically adapt their configuration settings to the actual workload characteristics for peak performance. Optimizer Runtime can be embedded in hardware devices such as storage appliances or CPUs, or in software products such as databases.
Allow customers to optimize hardware and software products
Add support to Optimizer Runtime for specific hardware and software products so that users who use Optimizer Runtime and these products get the best possible performance.

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