Use Case

Slashing cloud infrastructure costs through optimization

Optimize your cloud in real time

Right-size resources

Use Case

Cloud migration - optimizing for speed and cost after "lift and shift", without modifying the applications

Adapt the cloud infrastructure for your legacy applications

Use Case

Boosting efficiency and reducing CapEx of on-premises infrastructure

Boost efficiency

Reduce CapEx

Use Case

Boosting benchmark results

Win with the most advanced optimization technology

Use Case

Optimize Kubernetes ClustersBoosting benchmark results

Right-size k8s resources

Dynamically tune k8s nodes

Use Case

Compiler Flag Mining

Boost performance by choosing the optimal compilation flags

Use Case

Boost the performance of legacy applications

Boost runtime performance

Accelerate C/C++ applications

Use Case

Optimization of CPU products

Higher CPU product performance without redesigning the hardware

Design-space exploration

Use Case

High Frequency Trading

Boost profits by reducing tick-to-trade latencies

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